In the world full of slime and monsters, be the last one standing! Pick up your weapon and be the survivor of slime games! The lonely scientist is the last Survivor. He is now in grave peril. Gathering everything left, the one and only choice is to fight to survive! Grapheel guide: • One-finger control, move the character around the screen to avoid and defeat the slime army to collect gems • Use those gems to upgrade your weapon and armor, in this slime games, the stronger the weapon, the more gem you can get • Mysterious story line: follow the story of the lone scientist, open new chapter and the fact will be revealed • You can unlock new skills while playing, choose wisely to stack enough energy for the boss fight! • There is a lot of equipment for you to choose from, you can also roll equipment from lucky boxes Exciting features of Slime games: • Satisfying sound and graphics, pick the right weapon and fight against wave after wave of slime • Unlimited evolution: Being the last survivor is not easy, you have to improve through each level, slime monsters are stronger and faster, and you have to be evolve to beat them • Unlimited levels: you can feel exciting than ever, slime games Survivor will be updated and you don't need to worry about the limit of game content. Face up with the apocalypse, you as the only survivor have to go into the battlefield. Pick up everything as weapons and battle the mysterious and dangerous enemies! One against all, awake your extreme form of power and find the way to be the last survivor!


Optimization for smartphones

Our app is perfectly optimized for your devices. This ensures smooth and responsive functionality!

Camera operation

The app works perfectly with your smartphone camera to implement augmented reality features!

Pleasant Surprises

Various promotions and gifts await you inside the app. This will be a pleasant surprise for you!


The app data and your settings are always available from the cloud, allowing you to always and everywhere.

New approach to design

The design of the application was developed according to modern standards. New technologies and modern tools have been used to realize the naturalness and realism of visual objects.


Contact Information

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Street: Via Gabbietta 113
  • City: Verscio
  • Phone Number: +41 091 768 58 16
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Last update: 09.05.2023

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